Ep. 1: Are We Preparing Students for Life in the 21st Century?

What Does It Mean To Be Educated in the 21st Century? Ziz and Pam tackle this, and many other important questions facing our youth as they prepare for a future that is rapidly changing. They discuss the role that parents, schools, our society, and students themselves must play as the definition of education broadens. Do our kids have the skill set required for success in the workplace of tomorrow? Will they create a meaningful life? Can they R.E.A.D? 

Literacy is not enough, learn how to R.E.A.D. which stands for:

Responsibility — This means freedom of choice and the struggle that goes along with making choices, making mistakes and learning from those experiences. For too long, we have relied on institutions to make decisions for us, and conformed to a status quo that is no longer in our best interest.

Exploration — Our children need to explore who they are and how they fit in the world. This involves trying and experiencing different types of work, relational experiences with many different age groups.

Adaptability — The ability to pivot, to change and adapt to different circumstances is essential. We are in a world that is virtual and physical. Like pioneers in a new landscape, we need to adapt to survive. Adaptation requires struggle and critical thinking.

Discovery of meaning — It is unique to every single human being to discover their own meaning. We create what we give to the world, things we do, activities and experiences: being in nature, in beauty, in a relationship where we care about one another. Humans need that sense of meaning and belonging.

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