Ep. 11: To Gap or Not to Gap

In this episode, Ziz & Pam talk about the gap year trend that is gaining popularity, especially now. They discuss why it is a good option for some students and suggest some productive ways to spend the time. When considering a gap year, start with the individual and their interests, motivations, and relationships. It may be the perfect opportunity for kids to broaden their horizons and discover the best course for their individual journeys. By having focused so narrowly on the blue-collar, white-collar track, many people have completely missed the new-collar world that’s exploding.



Class of 2020, college can wait. It’s time to take a gap year.

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Dr. Ai’s Classroom Without Walls Future Ready Program

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Viktor Frankl

Duncan Wardle says, Diversity Is Innovation

“We don’t allow the diversity of thought of emotion, of ethnicities or of perspective. We narrow so everybody has to be trained to think the same way and we’re seeing the ramifications of that in our society.”

— Pam Roy

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