Ep. 13: Grace in the Learning Process

In this episode, Ziz and Pam talk about giving grace to students, parents, and teachers in the learning process. For the last several decades, we have perpetuated a culture of sameness and moved our children through an antiquated system that no longer works for all. But now we know better!

As we examine some new, updated approaches to education, we are inspired by those models of learning that value individuality and promote collaboration and exploration. Let’s give each other grace because we are all in this together!


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Pam Roy’s Changing the Culture of Sameness: A Track for Everyone

Children around the world teaching themselves technology:

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Howard Gardner on multiple intelligences


Pam: “Only 10% of learning comes from content, academic learning…and 70% is actually doing it, experiencing it. So, sitting our kids in front of a computer screen for hours a day, absorbing content, in my opinion, is not learning. It’s not engaging.”

Pam: “We keep hearing parents saying, ‘Oh, those teachers’ and teachers saying, ‘Oh, those parents.’ Well, guess what? We have to co-own this. We both have to co-own and we’re both feeding this system and this machine that is not enhancing the wellbeing of our children or allowing them to flourish and develop into the best version of themselves and respond to what’s happening in the market today.”

Ziz: “It’s a learning process. It’s not just giving your child grace, but giving yourself grace. Every child is different. You can figure out that child’s need … and then it changes.”

Pam: “It’s so much easier when you become the learner instead of the teacher. When you begin by saying, instead of how does my child fit into the system, how do I enable my child to be mentally, physically, and emotionally well operating in this system?”

Pam: “If you pursue an external goal, it leaves a void. This emptiness gets filled with aggression, depression, addiction, all these things that we’re seeing because we’ve devalued their individual right to go out and try to find who they are, how they fit in the world, and how they can contribute, which may or may not be financial.”

Pam: “Education is often self-taught. If you look at the great minds of people who changed the world, they were self-directed in their learning.”

Pam: “Give grace that we didn’t know, but now we know. So we can give each other grace that this was something as a society that our cultural values were external measurements that dehumanized the child and the worthiness of the child.”

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