Ep. 14: What is Lifelong Learning?

In this episode, Ziz and Pam discuss what it means to be a lifelong learner. Given the rapid pace of technological change in our world, students need to R.E.A.D. The ‘R’ stands for responsibility. It is the student’s responsibility to upskill and continually learn new ways of doing things so that they can adapt to changing environments. The role of parents and teachers is to step back and facilitate their learning. We no longer follow the 3-part model of school, work, retire. Lifelong learning is about teaching students how to learn, not what to learn. Students need to be agile and gain the employable skills needed to withstand the test of time.


Our Children Need to R.E.A.D to Succeed in the 21st Century

R.E.A.D. Framework

David Deming – Harvard study of STEM majors and the importance of upskilling.

Jim Link, Randstad’s chief human resources officer, Hiring and Developing Digital Leaders whitepaper.pdf Skills required by employers: adaptability, problem, solving creativity, influence drive, empathy, and collaboration.

Viktor Frankl: Freedom

Dr. Ai, Iceberg model – knowledge, life skills, mindset

What If No Summer Job or Internship is an Opportunity?

To Gap or Not to Gap

Tim Salau and Mike Gates GUIDES


Pam: “The struggle is growth. We only grow during times when we’re really struggling, struggling to push forward. And it’s what propels us forward.”

Pam: “You can do college in many ways now. In different places, parents, educators, and businesses are creating these environments where kids can go and explore while they’re in high school and begin to get those experiences so that they don’t have to take a gap year. They figure this out during their teenage years by working part-time jobs by doing internships. Particularly with disadvantaged students, we’ve got to mentor up, create the umbrella of mentorship and guides that they can tap into.”

Pam: “I just believe so strongly in honoring the unique individual, honoring their ability to do R.E.A.D. and discover their meaning. Our job is to create diverse, multigenerational, and experiential environments that allow them to do that.”

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