Ep. 16: Mentor Up

In this episode, Ziz and Pam talk about the value of mentorship for today’s youth. Formal or informal, mentorship is the future. As educations shifts away from the “sage on the stage” model, new pathways for experiential learning are emerging. They provide opportunities for child-directed, interest-based development.

Instead of telling kids what to think, we need to teach them how to think and show them what it looks like to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. Modeling is an important part of mentorship. By helping kids understand that uncertainty is a reality, we better prepare them for a future where their worthiness is not based on outcomes.  Fulfillment comes from discovering your meaning and answering life’s call.

How to #mentorup? Volunteer, job shadow, interview people, take a part-time job.


Pam Roy Blog, What Now?

David Brooks, The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake

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Steven Leavitt, Freakonomics Season 9, Ep. 12: America’s Math Curriculum Doesn’t Add Up

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Viktor Frankl, The Tragic Triad: guilt, suffering, and death.

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David Brooks, commencement address, “The theory of maximum taste says that each person’s mind is defined by its upper limit—the best that it habitually consumes and is capable of consuming.”

Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” — including yourself!

Lenore Skenazy


Ziz: “Mentors are able to be grandmas, neighbors, businesses, teachers.”

Pam: “Our kids have spent so much time in structured activities with limited exposure to a wide variety of people. It is not helping them figure out how to operate in the 21st century, nor is it developing the skills they need to navigate the workplace of the future.”

Ziz: “Modeling is so important. It gives us the opportunity to think about what we say, how we say it, and why it’s important because people are listening. We have to model what it means to be a change maker and that hopefully inspires them to be a changemaker.” 

Pam: “Learning happens everywhere. It is not the same as education, not the same as school. And school doesn’t mean learning all the time. Sometimes, but rarely.”

Ziz: “Allowing someone to teach, to model something for you is also super beneficial because it helps them to gain confidence. Confidence is only gained by going through something yourself and then realizing, Wow! I can do this!”

Ziz: “Our subconscious mind is always trying to keep us safe and not get outside our comfort zone, but we only learn when we get outside our comfort zone. So it’s so important to have a mentor who will teach you something you hadn’t thought of before.”

Pam: “We keep feeding our kids to this education machine that we perceive is giving us certainty. Now we realize that life doesn’t have that. How do we teach our kids to embrace uncertainty?”

Ziz: “Mentorship isn’t just a person. It’s also a book, an article. It can be so many different things, but what it does do is support and walk alongside of that student.”

Pam: “We assume that kids just need to learn and they’re not pushing themselves, but the missing piece is learning requires interest. The two hallmarks for our education system are boredom and apathy. The reason they’re not motivated and that we kill creativity is that we destroy their individuality and their gifts and their ability to share.”

Pam: “As adults, whether we’re parents, business owners, or community leaders, we need to mentor up. We need to look at every child in our community as our child.”

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