Ep. 2: Whose responsibility is it to educate our children?

In this episode, Ziz and Pam discuss the responsibility we share as a society to help our kids find their way. Learning is not limited to the classroom and homework. It occurs on the playground, in free play and when interacting with people of all different ages. We learn by teaching others.

In recent years, kids have lost the freedom to spend time in exploratory play and experiential learning. Our school system has forced kids into a standard trajectory of learning.

According to a 2014 study by Gallup and Purdue University, only 3% of students have the kind of transformative experience in college that fosters personal success and happiness.

Some of the most important education that children can gain happens outside of the classroom. Kids learn so many critical skills through free play, by being on a team, and by spending time with people of all ages.

Skills such as leadership, responsibility, and empathy are vital to our mental health and wellbeing.

By focusing so much on kid’s academic success or achievements, we have neglected the valuable learning that comes from experiences outside the classroom.

We must create community ecosystems that support student’s individual journey and model for our children what a healthy, thriving life looks like.


College Board CEO, David Coleman’s article in The Atlantic, Stop the College Admissions Madness

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