Ep. 7: Empowering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this episode, Ziz and Pam relate their experiences in business, parenting, and working with youth to highlight the positive impact two people can have on their communities when they are united by their mutual interests and entrepreneurial spirits. It is not ‘in spite of’ but ‘because of’ our differences and individuality that we are able to create positive change and meaning-centered lives. Ziz and Pam talk about the importance of finding common ground. Instead of blaming, “othering” and competing, if kids–and all people–discover their shared interests and develop collaborative skillsets, our whole society will benefit.

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Relational Intelligence: “Relational intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and comprehend knowledge as it relates to interpersonal dynamics,” writes Steve Saccone, author of Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence. “The more relationally intelligent we become, the more we will demonstrate increased love, respect, and trust in every relationship in our lives, which will inevitably elevate our influence.”

Pam: “We’ve decided that experts can tell us because we’re not able to rely on ourselves.” We need to teach our children to listen to themselves, to understand that sometimes I’m not right. Mistakes and failures help us to learn and grow.

Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability

Pam: “The future of work is really not waiting to find a job but creating one because you see the opportunity or you see the need or because it fits who you are and where you are in your life.”

“View life as a series of movie frames, the ending and meaning may not be apparent until the very end of the movie, and yet, each of the hundreds of individual frames has meaning within the context of the whole movie.”

Viktor E. Frankl

Pam: “So each moment is a choice. Each moment is a choice to change.”

If we are powerless to change a situation, we can always choose how we react towards that situation.

How do we empower people to feel worthy as they are?

Pam: “Spend your energy doing something for, not against.”

Margot Lee Shetterly’s book, Hidden Figures

Ziz: “As human beings, we’re not perfect. We have a lot of work to do. And especially when you look at yourself and you look within, you say, okay, what can I do? How can I contribute to the community in which I live?”

Pam: “We’re in this mucky, messy middle, but the only way forward is together, not separate, not in identity politics, but in meaning-centered lives and collective lives. Like we came together, not because we’re two people that have any separate, but because we have a mission and an interest in common. This is the future of moving beyond this deciding ‘disadvantaged, not disadvantaged,’ whatever, to bringing kids together based on their interests, based on their passions, based on things that they are good at and that they want to contribute.”

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